An opinionated container to render the main banner for landing pages.

Property Description Type Default
testId Add a data-tid attribute to the DOM, useful for test purpose. string or undefined undefined


Slot name Description
image Image appearing at the start of the banner. Width and height are set by the component.
title Title of the banner.
description Slot below the title but above the actions. It should introduce or explain the banner.
actions Located below the description. Useful to add call to actions such as logging in.


The component has its own backbground color, which depends on the theme.



  <IconAccounts slot="image" />
  <span slot="title">Your ICP Wallet</span>
  <p slot="description">Create and link accounts (including hardware wallets), transfer ICP, participate in Internet Computer governance by staking ICP in neurons, and earn voting rewards.</p>
  <button class="primary" slot="actions">Connect with Internet Identity</button>