Progress Bar

This component renders a native `progress HTML element to display an indicator showing the completion progress of a task.

<ProgressBar max="{10}" value="{2}" />

We can render multiple progress colors using the segments array instead.

    { value: 10, color: "salmon" },
    { value: 25, color: "cornflowerblue" },

IMPORTANT: The segments prop takes precedence over value and color.

Note that the color in segment can be anything that will work in linear-gradient. For example, we can use CSS variables: var(--primary).


Property Description Type Default
max The maximum value of the progress element. number 1
value The current value, progression, to display. number 0
color A style for the bar. "primary" or "warning" "primary"
segments A list of progress segments. Each with a value and color. The order matters. { value: number, color: string}[] or undefined undefined
testId Id for testing purposes string or undefined undefined