A BusyScreen is a screen that displays a spinning loader and corresponding message (if available), while an application is loading content or performing another process. The component has an absolute centered positioning with a faded overlay.

<BusyScreen />


The <BusyScreen /> component should be provided once for your dapp, commonly added to your root layout.

Showing or hiding the screen happens through the use of a writable storage busyStore:

  initiator: "stake-neuron",
  text: "staking a neuron...",


The startBusy method will take in an object with properties initiator and text. The initiator is the identifying key label of your busyStore , while the text will be the message shown on the busy screen.

busyStore Description Argument type
startBusy to activate the BusyScreen BusyState object with properties initiator and text
stopBusy to deactivate the BusyScreen initiator