Item Action

Used to render multiple items with some information, an icon and actions for each of them.

Mainly used in settings pages to render the properties and the actions alongside.

  <img slot="icon" src="{icpLogo}" class="start" />
  <div class="content">
    <p class="description">No age bonus</p>
  <button slot="actions" class="secondary">
    One action


Property Description Type Default
tagName The tagName of the parent element. "li" or "div" "li"
testId Add a data-tid attribute to the DOM, useful for test purpose. string or undefined undefined


Slot name Description
Default slot The main content of the item.
logo The logo of the item. Recommended to use 100% width and height.
actions Slot to add the item actions.

Usage Recommendation

Square Icon

The icon should be square and take all the item height.

The item has a set height of the button height plus some padding. The icon slot is square of the whole item height and the same size for the width.

Therefore, the icon slot should take the whole width and height to be square.

Full Width Actions Mobile

In mobile, the actions are rendered below the content. It’s recommended that the buttons take the full width.

If it’s just on button, then stretch it or set the slot to the button. If it’s two buttons, make sure they cover the full width together.


The component is within a div with background to highlight the component exactly as it is.

IMPORTANT: The component has no internal padding nor external margin. The spacing with the other components is responsibility of the parent using this component.

Showcase Logo as Div


No age bonus

Showcase Icon Inside UL

  • Unlocking

    No age bonus